Saturday, May 7, 2016

Today was a very insightful day today. A learning experience indeed! Let us spend a romantic evening together. A custom package could be put together just for the occasion. A package customized for your ideal experience. Imagine all of the different colors of the rainbow, as the various shades of erotica. Unconditional loving affection, priceless. (to be continued)

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tuesday May  03, 2015. Today was a beautiful sunny day in North West Arkansas. If it were just a little warmer out side. It would be been a perfect day to have romantic picnic lunch, with a blanket, and a few pillows. After a relaxing lunch together. We could lie back as we gaze at the sky together. Ah, including a make out session! If only, a cozy tent with blankets, pillows, and radio, were near by.  Imagine being out side of the city. Away from the city life. In a serine, nature filled revene. Well for this Tuesday night, we could get together for a night to remember!   Looking forward to giving you the time of your life! 

On another note. Yes, that is right. My ads were posted for other areas of Arkansas. Yes, your money can bring me to you! Mutiple hours dates are your best bet to get Ms. Honey over to you! Fly Me To You! Extended dates, with travel packaages are available. This will require a deposit to reserve your booking. Your generousity, will buy you my generousity! Looking forward to the Experience To Take Us heaven and beyound!